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Kurohane Shizumi (黒羽 静靡)
Birthday: June 8th
Blood Type: B+
Personality Type: ISFJ-T
Fav. Food: Sweet stuff
Ethnicity: American / Belgian

Born in Miami, FL, I began learning Japanese at age ten. I began drawing at age eleven and writing at age fourteen. I have always been fascinated with the way art can project a feeling without anything being said. In the same manner, I love how, with words, you can, "... call the moon pretty by describing it but never saying, directly, it's pretty." Also, I made every aspect of this website; from code to graphics.

I'm working on this new, really interesting project called Red Threads. Each chapter has a theme that was taken from a list of 30. Each chapter has different characters/series of mine to depict each theme. Also, each theme comes with a highly detailed picture in correspondence with the theme. It's a really neat project and I'm having tons of fun with it!

There are a few ways to contact me:

  P U B L I C   S I T E S

Here are a few public sites/networking sites through which you can keep up with updates and message me.

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My Japanese Cosplay Uploads

  P R I V A T E   M E S S A G E S

If you would like to drop me a line through e-mail you may use this address: [email protected].

Of course, as I said, you can always send me a private message through any of the various websites I'm on (as were listed above). Don't be shy! 8DD